The Joker is Guilty

Dzhokhar (pronounced “Joker”) Tsarnaev is guilty of murder. The jury found earlier today. As the Boston Marathon bomber he tried the “I was young and my big brother made me do it” defense. That shit didn’t work for Lee boyd Malvo either.

Still to come: the penalty phase. I hope he gets death. Not because I want retribution or revenge. I want him dead because there is no valid purpose to letting him live at my expense. And he has already shown a callous disregard for the feelings of other people to the point of participating in killing and maiming (while trying to kill) a bunch of them. he can never be trusted to walk the streets again. Unlike most normal people, if he gets depressed, he won’t commit suicide or see a shrink. He will go Sudden Jihadi again.

His lawyers really screwed the pooch on this one strategically. Granted, they didn’t have much to work with. Everyone knows he did it. The evidence is not even in question. But still I would have gone with the Insanity defense. Islam and Insanity are so similar that the jury might buy it and give him a lighter punishment.

Oh, and to the Joker: The country that took you in and fed you, clothed you, housed you, protected you and gave you more liberty and real opportunity than you ever would have gotten in that God-forsaken shit hole you came from would like to point out that you seem to have misplaced your knife. We found it in our back.

Fuck you, Asshole. Die and go to hell.


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One Response to The Joker is Guilty

  1. Well said.
    Islam and Insanity are so similar that the jury might buy it and give him a lighter punishment.

    That actually might work in some parts of the county. (The parts that aren’t braindead.)


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