Peace in Our Time

We have a deal with Iran. Huzzah!

A secret deal. We don’t know what’s in it. And it isn’t a real deal, just a framework for a deal. A placeholder for a deal to be named later. A deal that even the Iranians are saying, “that wasn’t our deal”. A deal that gives us nothing we want while giving them everything they want. But it is a deal. WOOHOO! Secretary of State Kerry gets to sign a historic document with his own name on it.

Since the USA gets nothing out of this, I have to wonder who IS getting something out of this. When there are no obvious benefits to a deal, one must conclude that there are secret benefits. Benefits that are secret because if they were made public, important people would be embarassed. People with names like “Clinton”, “Obama”, and “Kerry”.

I suspect that the People in charge and their friends stand to become fabulously wealthy in perpetuity as a result of this “deal”. In much the same way that German, French, and Russian ministers personally became wealthy selling Iraqi oil through the UN Oil for Food program. That is the only way it makes any sense at all.

I also expect that we will soon announce that we only had to offer them 1/5th of Checkoslovakia.

We could have just unilaterally lifted the sanctions without conditions and looked stronger than this mindless kibuke.


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