Global Leadership Vacuum

What would happen if the world didn’t have the USA to lead on every issue? What would happen if the US Navy were not on patrol sweeping the seas for pirates? What would happen if the world did not have the USA leading the way diplomatically in the UN and through bi-lateral actions?

We are finding that out now. The Obama administration has been nothing but feckless in every aspect except bringing a communist aristoctracy to the USA.

And what is happening?

The rest of the world learns to do it themselves. Just as I always knew they would.

This story tells us that the Arab states are taking charge in Yemen and using their own damned armed forces to effect change there instead of their normal policy of waiting for the USA to do it. And the reason they are doing it themselves is because they see value in it and because they watched the USA already fail at it. Further, they individually have plenty of force to accomplish the mission easily. They don’t need us to help them. They never did. They were simple using us because our own political class was so arogant and incompetent that they could not stop themselves from leaping into every little crisis around the world. Whether it was twitter hashtags or illegal bombing campaigns, the USA is famous for butting in ineffectually where it is not wanted and interfering with local solutions getting the job done.

Good luck Saudis.

I don’t give a shit about the future of Yemen, or Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, or ISIS, or Turkey, or Saudi Arabia. But I do like to watch them solving their own problems, and paying for it themselves. And as long as they are fighting each other, they aren’t fighting us.


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2 Responses to Global Leadership Vacuum

  1. Slick Willy says:

    I understand the ‘send money to get other nations to do what you want’ and where it came from. What it has become makes me sick. With very few exceptions, we should not be sending our money anywhere in the world. Countries take our money and spit on us publicly. I do support sending bullets to certain countries, if circumstances warrant, (hot, traveling around 1000 feet per second) but this too has been abused by our political masters, on both sides of the aisle.

    Let these other countries fight their battles. Let arrogant Europeans protect themselves instead of sending American kids to do it. Americans send untold megatons of supplies to countries around the world when disaster strikes, but all you hear is crickets when a hurricane devastates our cities.

    As we travel down the road here in the USA to either total Socialist Tyranny or the Second Civil War, we should focus on issues at home. Don’t we have enough here to keep us busy?


    • No One says:

      Thanks for commenting. I totally agree. if we were overflowing wit surplus, we could do all that stuff for other people. But we are 18 trillion in debt. Every bag of high protien grain we send over there was bought with money we had to borrow. We are broke.


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