What to do about Bergdahl

The guy is a piss ant and not worth the extra expense of prosecuting him.  There is also no value to be gained by locking him up.

He is absolutely guilty as charged.  There is no question about that.

Still, I am predispossed to mercy.  Mercy to the taxpayers.  There is no reason why the US Army should continue paying that worthless POS’s bills for years to come.

1.  Prosecute him for desertion, with date of desertion effective when he walked away.

2.  Declare all his pay and allowances forfiet back to that day (he didn’t come to work, he doesn’t get paid).

3.  Reduce his sentence to bad conduct discharge, 50 years of hard labor (suspended) and put him on the streets.

4.  Stop talking about him.  When his book comes out, don’t buy it.  When other people do buy it, sieze the profits under a civil suit payable to Wounded Warrior Foundation.


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