Stupid Internet Ads

I hate the ads on the internet. I know that is how a lot of you make money on this stuff.  I just wish you could get better advertizers. Get some higher standards for the ads you will accept and permit on your sites.

1. This is typical on the side bar at Weasel Zippers:

It says that these things are “trending”. That is a lie. Not even a good marketing lie. Just a stupid lie. There is nothing trending about these items.

#1 reason average golfer can’t hit the ball over 200 yards: They don’t practice enough, or have the strength and technique. No need to click the “trend”. I answered it for you already.

Want to make your bank mad? Try this Mortgage trick: Don’t pay your bills.

#1 dirty little secret to eliminate 15 years of mortgage payments: Get a 15 year mortgage!

No need to click on those misleading, lying ads.

Another thing I hate about them? On my obsolete browser at work, going through the firewall, they turn the browsing experience into a nostalgic remeniscance of using a 2400 Baud modem. I get to watch every pixel load one at a time and can’t close the page until it finishes. All so it can load ads I don’t want to see anyway.  I can’t even load an ad blocker.

2. Then at MoonBattery, after you click on a story, you see this ad appear at the bottom. Always the same. Always stupid. Always full of lying, misleading, stupid clickbait stories.


None of them are worth clicking on. Mostly the captions are not even related to the pictures that are used and together they are likely to send you to a story that was written by a computer AI and edited by a Chinese high school student while he moonlights from his job at the Apple iPhone factory.


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