Live blogging the Fredericksburg gun show.

The snow is melting.  Spring is here.  Gun show is in town.  Wahoo!

1.  Parking is insane.  Trucks are parked on the mud.  On the sidewalks. On the snow drifts. The no parking fire lanes are all parked in on both sides.  I found a spot.  The guy next to me parked his Volt sideways to take two spots.  Asshole.

2. Very crowded inside. The fat people, wheelchairs, and baby carriers should have gone to walmart instead. This venue is not really for them.

3. Something new. An AK chambered for .308. Looks like m-14 mags. $950. Because the extra $10 for an ar-10 is too much? Or because you despise reliability in uour firearms? Or because hitting targets at more than 100 yards is over-rated? Or bacause you hate using cheaper ammo when more expensive will do?

4. Not much green tip. Saw a few baggies at $65 for 100. Georgia arms is selling 500 rd cans for $208. That is pre-hype prices

5. Some off brand 22lr going for $60/500.

6. Several vendors have 80% lowers for ar15, ar10, and 1911. Plus all the jigs and tools that a home hobbyist might need.

7. One bender has a bunch of Swedish 5.56 mm in cans. He claims its “harder than green tip”. But it IS green tip. Just not painted green. Clearly labeled ss109 tips. $160/200 rds. Steep.

This is a good place to point out that my autocorrect o my phone will not let me post numbers correctly as I type them. It always substitutes a different number and I have to go back and retype it. Sometimes several times.

8. Pmc x-tac 62gr is going for $10/box.

9. Another large black woman filling out paperwork for a gun purchase while a black man with her looks around at nearby tables. Draw your own conclusions… you racists.

That’s it for today. No lot for me today.


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2 Responses to Live blogging the Fredericksburg gun show.

  1. heresolong says:

    I have no problem with fat people or wheelchairs at the gun show, but strollers? Seriously people? Can’t find a baby sitter so as not to clog the aisles? Of course quality gun shows make the damn aisles wide enough that you can walk down them, even if people are looking at stuff (or bullshitting in front of the stuff).


  2. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody hear if the guy who discharged his gun Saturday was OK? They were closing and my wife and I were leaving, we were about 20 feet away when she saw a vendor load a clip, jack the slide and when he slipped it into his holster it went off… scared the crap out of us! Everybody seem to just be in shock and it didn’t look like anyone was hit. The show organizer cleared the floor and ushered everyone out.


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