Firing the Maytag Man: TSA Edition

Remember this commercial?

For organization efficiency experts, the obvious choice is to fire the employee that has nothing to do (STOP LOOKING AT ME, I’m SPECIAL).

Here we have a story about how the TSA is losing all their talented Sky Marshals, upon whom our safety in the sky depends.

…others have left due to a belief that the agency repeatedly failed to protect them in the line of duty. Vasquez says that the agency neglected to properly conceal marshals’ identities on domestic and international trips

And yet, the number of Air marshals killed in the line of duty is a staggering … Zero. Evidently, the threat experienced by Air Marshals is not as high as they seem to think it is.

Unfortunately, the number of unarmed passengers killed by Air marshals is more than zero.

Number of terrorists caught, killed or prevented: Zero.

Number of total arrests by Air Marshals averages about 4.2 arrests per year, or $200 million per arrest.

Richard Vasquez, a former marshal who resigned in January 2015, says his Washington, D.C., field office alone lost up to ten marshals per month in the year preceding his departure.

And yet, the number of air crimes has not increased. Not even a little bit. It is still at the level of “rare and random event”. So, why do we need these Bozo’s? Bueller? Bueller?

But if we fired them all, then 9-11 and BUUUUSH!!!

Here’s an idea: Allow regular passengers who are not Moslems to carry their personal weapons on their bodies and to act as public servants when called upon to do so, just like Jury duty… or sitting in an exit row.


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2 Responses to Firing the Maytag Man: TSA Edition

  1. Old NFO says:

    I have watched an air marshall sleep the entire flight from IAD to LAX, his gun was exposed and he never realized it. The FA ended up throwing a blanket over his lap after she finally noticed it.


  2. Richard Vasquez says:

    thanks for reading the article! Unfortunately only part of the story came out because journalists have to confirm a lot of the story. IF you want to hear more and put it on here I’d be happy to tell you more. I actually agree with a lot of what you have to say about Air Marshals. I left CBP to become one in 2010 thinking we would actually do something useful. Hit me up on Twitter @virginiadicky and pm me and I’d be happy to talk about it more. And as far as my comment about them putting us I a precarious positions. There is documentation proving that terrorists wanted to get one of us to make an example. I never felt in fear on an actual flight. My sole purpose in talking with Ryan Lovelace in National Review was to point out corruption. As I’m sure you can understand, this is just a small example. As for your bozos comment, yeah, I’d say that agency is about 75% bozos. I won’t insult you for saying what you said. It doesn’t sting now that I’m not longer a government employee. Sometimes you need to quit a job to see how useless it was.

    I mean If this is just your angry at the government soapbox and you only want to complain then by all means, ignore my offer. But I’m on your side. Thanks -Richard vasquez


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