Green Tip Commentary


This news has been circulating for a while. it seems the BATFE under the Obama administration has decided to relabel the M855 ammunition (5.56mm), aka “green tip” as an armor piercing round and thus remove it from the civilian marketplace.

The “logic goes” that with the advent of AR-15 pistols (shortened rifles with no stocks) that use the same ammo as full sized rifles, that the common ammo now becomes armor piercing pistol ammo. And it seems that police are in particular danger of being killed by armor piercing pistol ammo, but not the same ammo fired from a rifle.

1. As has been pointed out, this ammo has never been used to kill a police officer. Ever. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be some day. Anything is possible. But mostly, criminals use pistols to kill police. Pistols that use pistol ammo. Not pistols that are twice the weight and size of other pistols.

2. The only likely scenario where police might be endangered by green tip ammo is if/when they show up at someone’s front door to collect such ammo. This is not me threatening the police. This is a prediction, based on my limited knowledge of human behavior. Go looking for trouble. Find trouble. Act surprised.

3. I really like the Green tip ammo. I find it highly reliable and accurate as far as store-bought ammo goes. Since I like it, I bought a bunch the last time the price dropped below 50 cents each. So, I don’t really care if the govt bans this ammo. I have plenty. I strongly suspect I am not alone in this. And now I want more.

4. Lesson for other ammo buyers. If you haven’t learned to stockpile your own ammo yet, just to protect you from surges in price and shortages due to binge buying, every time a politician opens his mouth, when are you going to learn?

5. I remember this same hysteria a few years ago when the gun nuts on the internet were claiming that the Obama administration had outlawed lead and closed up the last lead smelting factory in the USA. But ammo is still plentiful and cheap (except 22LR).

6. It is highly likely that the sole purpose of this announcement is to gather the names and addresses of people who are likely to protest this. There is a strong possibility those people have AR-15 rifles. Thus, people are participating voluntarily in a form of stealth national gun registration. When you fill out on line petitions, give money to on line gun advocacy groups, WRITE TO THE GOVERNMENT (like to your congress critter or directly to the BATFE to complain), you are in effect filling out a card for your file that says, “I have a weapon of interest and here is my home address”. Thank you for playing.


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7 Responses to Green Tip Commentary

  1. desertrat31 says:

    A comment on point number five: Ammo is still plentiful and cheap, unless you are stuck living in California. At least the desert portion anyway. Ammo here is still hard to find and expensive.


    • No One says:

      ROAD TRIP!

      At least until they put those fences up. And I don’t just mean the ones between Mexico and the USA. If I had my way, we’d have fences to keep all you Californians in your own state too. (and another along the Potomac).


  2. doomdigit says:

    Just picked up a few hundred rounds of 22 LR from the local hateware store. Was really surprised to see it. Also, my friend is exempt from the Obamacare penaltax. He said he could not afford insurance from Jan-Dec and that was that.


  3. Richard Vasquez says:

    It’s not just the libs who are confused. I was shooting green tip at a range in Virginia and the range master told me I couldn’t because it was armor piercing. Misinformation had tendrils.


    • No One says:

      Green tip DOES pierce armor better than other types. Range masters are right to ban it if they use steel targets or backstop. But that is about ammo performance not ammo definition.


  4. Miles K. Davis says:

    No it doesn’t peirce armor and it sure as shit didn’t that day. Inform yourself instead of just ranting all day like a retard:


    • No One says:

      Mr Davis, an ice pick will pierce armor. So will a round nose lead slug. The difference is in the quality and thickness of the armor. You are arguing about a pointless arbitrary definition. The 62 grain penetrator was designed to penetrate body armor and it does that, again depending on the thickness and quality of the armor plates in the vest.


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