Rubio at bat. SWING! STRIKE TWO!

Marco Rubio is reported to have repented his earlier position on Immigration, so it’s OK to vote for him now if you are a white racist nativist American.

He suggested it was a mistake to go after comprehensive reform before focusing on complete border security..

In other words, he still wants to flood our country with people from the third world… as long as they do it legally, through a gate in an otherwise secure fence.

In other words, he still doesn’t get it.

The problem with immigration in the USA is that THERE ARE TOO MANY IMMIGRANTS. We cannot assimilate them all and they are increasingly coming from places that are very much NOT LIKE US. If immigrants were good and wonderful, then no one would be complaining about them being here illegally.

Comprehensive immigration reform needs to focus on these basics:

1. Immigration policy needs to be rooted in what is good for America (and Americans), not what is good for the immigrant.
2. Build a fence.
3. Enforce our laws. Expel illegal migrants.
4. Harsh penalties for people who violate them, like permanent banishment.
5. We already have a path to citizenship for everyone. Fill out an application at any embassy.
6. End birth right citizenship. Define American citizen as the child of at least one citizen… like everyone else in the world does.
7. End cold war asylum exemptions. Encourage asylum seekers to look elsewhere.
8. Use census to track citizens vs immigrants and apportion congress based on strength of citizens alone. Currently non-citizens give California a political advantage of about 10 votes in the house of representatives and in the Electoral college, canceling out the votes of lawful citizens in three smaller states.

Rubio’s idea about immigration reform is 100% the wrong direction. He still doesn’t get it. He still has no business running as a conservative. Immigration is a really good deal for the immigrant and a total rip off for the native. Who is our congress supposed to represent?


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4 Responses to Rubio at bat. SWING! STRIKE TWO!

  1. Old NFO says:

    Rubio is done…


  2. heresolong says:

    On the other hand, if you have a conservative with whom you can agree in almost every area but one, and you can keep a conservatively heavy House and a Republican controlled Senate, are you going to vote for Hillary, stay home, or vote for Rubio? We have to get past this ideological purity test for Republicans. Rubio would be a thousand times better than Hillary and infinitely better than Obama. Rubio would appoint Constructionist judges to the SCOTUS and lower courts, he would be fiscally conservative, and he would shut the southern border. OK, so then we would fight with him about the number, quality, and qualifications of immigrants allowed to come here legally. I happen to think that we can handle significant numbers of educated or relatively wealthy immigrants from all around the world, and I’m wiling to have that argument with President Rubio. I don’t get to have any argument with President Obama and meanwhile he is packing our courts with anti-gun judges, legalizing millions of illegals by executive order, changing the laws with the stroke of a pen (see the Affordable Care Act for one example), and may get the opportunity to appoint Loretta Lynch to the SCOTUS, which would be a disaster for the Second Amendment and freedom in general.


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