Govt Tech Trends

Here in the Pentagon, it is common for staff officers to have two computer systems to work with. So the desktop gets pretty crowded. We have one computer connected to the regular internet, and a separate one connected to a secret internet (SIPRNET). And never the two shall meet. There used to be an office policy to have the two boxes with a minimum of 30″ air gap between, just to make sure the “secret electrons” weren’t bleeding over onto the unclassified network.

Then, to save desk space, someone invented the A/B switch so that we can use the same keyboard and monitor for both systems and thus, get rid of the second monitor.

Then some people brought back the second monitor to have dual monitors on the same network and the larger “virtual desktop” that two monitors can bring. Now everyone has two monitors again. The power users have three monitors and the two monitor people walk by and are envious.

Guess what most people use the second monitor for…

… Family photos. Your tax money well spent. But don’t worry. It’s all for national defense. If you love your country, you can’t complain about national defense.


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