Relationship Status: Complicated

I don’t have Facebook. So I am posting my status here. I have seen lately a lot of mindless blather about Obama’s status and how he doesn’t love America. I can’t believe so many people have their panties in a twist about this.

1. No budget has been passed since Obama was elected. But you want to argue about his “feelings”.
2. He is violating the law instead of upholding it on immigration and even his own health care laws. But you care about how he “FEELS” about America.
3. He is surrounding himself with and appointing avowed communists, socialists, Marxists and liberation theologists. But you care about his feelings and motivations.

Hey guys… I don’t love America either. So I can hardly fault Obama for it. But seriously, I really don’t CARE is he does or he doesn’t. I can fault him for using his part of America to actively erase MY part of America in what amounts to a state of war, complete with an invasion, suspension of civil rights, and an army of occupation. His policies, corruption and abuses of power give me all I need to know as a justification to oppose him. I don’t need to examine his heart.

Why is the national media wasting my time on this? And this is all based on a comment made by Rudy Guilliani (RG). RG is currently not an elected or appointed official. he is not currently running for office. He is not my leader or anyone else’s leader. Why should anyone feel compelled to defend or attack what he says about anything? In the off chance RG runs for President as the Republican Nominee, just remember that he is also the last guy who was selected to lose to Hillery.

Love it or leave it? Screw You. Who made you the arbiter of absolute rules to define my choices to only those two? Obviously I can choose to not love it AND not leave it. But at least for the time being, this is my home. Until I am totally Dispossessed, there is no other place I should be. So, it is my role in life to make my country mor “loveable”. I can also choose to love some parts and not others. I can love the great plans and depise the big cities. I can love the farmers, mechanics, welders and burger king employees and hate the minions at the EPA/DOJ/DOE/HHS and all those other agencies that rule over me without my consent or representation in congress. I can love justice and hate the 70% of federal judges who over-reach their authority and legislate from the bench. I can love the Constitution and hate the 5 out of 9 Justices to the Supreme court that think they are better than the Constitution. I can love 70% of the free citizens of this great land and despise the immigrant who comes here to supplant me of my birthright and strip away my children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance.

The real question should be, “Why does anyone love this country”?


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7 Responses to Relationship Status: Complicated

  1. Og says:

    I certainly don’t love what the country has become. Nor where it is going. I do l\ove the idea of a society formed around the principles of freedom and the Rule of Law, but that’s not what we got. I saw a TV special the other night about FDR; the presenter said a few profound things. THe best was, (Paraphrased): “The presidency is like a glove. It fits whoever puts it on, and Rosevelt had big hands. The glove, once stretched, will not return readily to a smaller size”. That summed up the way I feel about it pretty well.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, we’re in strange times…


  3. Og says:

    Lincoln may have stretched it most, but roosevelt lined it with gold.


  4. Og says:

    No, but he started the war of producers vs consumers and stole money from the producers to fund it. And put U.S. citizens in concentration camps. Im not completely sure i disagree with that, but there it is.


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