Weak Link

Some time ago, the door to my office area was replaced and a new vault-quality steel door was installed, complete with an ADA compliant automatic door opener.  This vault door is electro-card-swip access and combo locked and is nearly impenatrable to people without the right tools and a lot of time.  It is easily several hundred pounds of hardened steel.

It is mounted in a standard frame wall covered with drywall.

The wall ends at a false “drop” ceiling.  The area above the ceiling is accessible on both sides of the vault door, requiring only a short ladder or a boost from a second guy.

I don’t know how much this door costs you poor taxpayers.  But it was part of the DoD budget last year.  It was certainly on the order of tens of thousands of dollars.  Chalk it up to national defense and fighting terrorism.  No one would argue with that.


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One Response to Weak Link

  1. Og says:

    That’s the kind of engineering usually only the .gov can do. Even the worst industry usually can’t f up that bad.


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