I have been vaccinated three times for the Measels.  And I had them.  So, I’m pretty sure I am covered.

After I had the measels as a 4 year old,  I got the vaccine in school (because in 1969, everyone did).  Then I got it again when I joined the Army because they didn’t believe me that i was once a child and got normal childhood diseases and vaccinations to attend public schools.  Then I got it again when I was recalled into the Army because I couldn’t prove I had it the first time I was in the Army since the Army wouldn’t trust the Army to do something as routine as keeping accurate shot records or performing a policy like vaccinating everyone who walks in the door.



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3 Responses to Vaccines

  1. Og says:

    yeah, I think I got twice and I got the measles as well.


  2. The last time I went to Vietnam in 2005, the nurse here said that I had had so many over the course of the 40 years, she didn’t think I needed more. 🙂


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