What I’m giving up for Lent

Not a damn thing.

If something is virtuous, it should be practiced as often as it is required. if something is vile, it should be avoided unceasingly. To mark a day on the calendar to give up the vices is the same as giving yourself permission to practice that which you believe is morally, spiritually or physically harmful to you the rest of the year.

This sort of stupidity leads to exactly what the Catholic church has become: Decadence, wrapped in ceremony, tied with a ribbon of piety. Ash wednesday becomes a reason for Fat Tuesday, which becomes a reason for Mardi Gras. The anticipation of a minor performance of piety becomes the excuse for a major explosion of decadence.

Practice virtue every day. Eschew vice every day. Even if you are Catholic.


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18 Responses to What I’m giving up for Lent

  1. Og says:

    Wrong and uninformed on all counts. Of course.


    • No One says:

      Seriously? You would argue that some amount of vice is good policy? Or that some amount of virtue should be “saved for later”? Which points that I made am I wrong about? I think perhaps your long association with this argument is causing you to project onto me arguments I did not make.


  2. Og says:

    Nope. And the fact that you would even ask that question demonstrates an heroic misunderstanding of the nature of lent. But calvinist pastors tell lies about Catholicism as if that were a virtue, so i cant fault your ignorance, you just dont know any better.


    • No One says:

      Thanks for the magnanimity. You have never granted it before and always faulted me for my ignorance on other subjects. But that doesn’t answer my question.

      Do you agree that virtue is good and should be practiced throughout the year?
      Do you agree that vice is bad and should be avoided throughout the year?

      These are pretty simple questions but you seem to be saying you disagree with it.


  3. JN says:


    From a Catholic viewpoint, what is the nature of lent?


    • No One says:

      They have this thing called “Google” for such questions. Og probably knows the answer for that question, but he is not the authoritative source for all things Catholic nor can he speak with authority for the Catholic Church (TM). The Catholic Church may even have their own web site.


  4. JN says:

    Not being Catholic I wouldn’t be able to tell the actual Catholic position on anything vs just something someone made up. So Google may not be much help. Whereas a self-professed Catholic could at least point me in the right direction,


    • No One says:

      I am on pretty safe ground telling you that most Catholics are totally ignorant about Christianity and Catholicism. Og is an exception (if you can believe people on the internet).


  5. Og says:

    If you actually knew any catholics, you would discover that your previous statemenstr about what they are or were or “believe” are all based in ignorance. Nearly every statement you have ever made about Catholicism, in fact, is simply a lie you have been taught to believe, and you do, hook line and sinker. I’d be happy to explain anything you;d like to know, but I can’t answer your questions because they’re not only not pertinent, they’re not even close enough to the subject matter to be merely wrong.


    • No One says:

      They are precisely pertinent. They are the statements that I made in my post. Then you said I was wrong about everything, thus also claiming I was wrong to state that virtue was good. Nor am I wrong about Catholics. I know lots of them. Where do you think most Presbyterians and Baptists come from? Not to mention the largest single denomination in America being Non-Practicing Catholic (numbers barely edge out practicing ones).

      I could easily accept an argument that Lent is not related to “giving something up”, but you didn’t make that argument and I didn’t say it was. The post was that I am not giving up anything. And you said I was wrong about that too. If I do indeed find myself giving soemthing up for Lent, I will post a retraction. But I am pretty positive at this point that I am right in the certainty of my claim that I will not be giving anything up.

      I know you like a spirited argument, but try to stay on topic and bash me for what I really wrote, not what the voices in your head say I wrote.


  6. Og says:

    You still don’t get it. You are wrong. Lent has absolutely zero to do with virtue or vice. Is that on topic enough? You mad that claim, it is a lie, and nothing else. Lets start from there, and maybe you can learn something.


    • No One says:

      I did not make that claim. I made four independent claims:

      1. I would not be giving up anythng for Lent.
      2. Virtue is always good independent of Lent.
      3. Vice is always bad independent of Lent.
      4. There is a relationship between Mardigras and Lent in that one follows the other on the calendar.

      You then stated everythign I said was wrong. Which point do you disagree with? Start there.

      If you want to argue about Lent having nothing to do with Virtue or Vice I would have to say that your position is at variance with the meaning of those words, and also, that it is a separate topic than the one I posted.


  7. Og says:

    *Made that claim. Fingers cold, been thawing pipes.


  8. Og says:

    Please explain what virtue has to do with lent. I look forward to the laugh. Let’s start with this sentence:
    Virtue is always good independent of Lent.

    Apples are also always good indepenant of lent. Clean socks are always good independant of lent. Since you make the statement “Virtue is always good independent of Lent.” I must assume you assign some relationship between virtue and lent. There is none,. but I anxiously await hearing the addled ignorance you have been taught to believe.


  9. Og says:

    Well, there’s your trouble. You’re not actually paying attention to a catholic.


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