More Stupid on Immigration

The administration is opening the doors (as if they are closed to anyone except white Europeans) to thousands of Moslems who are fleeing ISIS.

This is totally stupid. Why on Earth would you relocate thousands of people to a country where they cannot thrive? They don’t speak English. They have never lived in a Western nation. They think traffic laws are “suggestions”. AND THEY ARE ALL LINKED TO ISLAM. Hint: Islam is something America needs LESS of.

There are other countries that are better choices for these people: Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Mauritania, Afghanistan, and Pakistan all come to mind. All are closer. All have come common heritage, culture, and language with the refugees. All have severely lower standards of living and cost of living that will enable their dependency at a much lower cost than putting them in Wisconsin.

American State Department weenies need to get it through their thick heads that the USA is NOT the best place to settle people from the third world. It isn’t the best choice for them or for us.

No one else wants them? Too Bad. Not our problem. I suppose they could volunteer to fight ISIS and take their own land back.


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