Holster design

I saw this over at Guffawz


It is a classic design but one I don’t particularly care for. The reason is that the trigger is exposed and the gun, a 1911 style, is carried “locked and cocked”, and depending on the mechanical safeties in the device to avoid accidental discharge. I know that statistically, the likelihood of both 1911 safeties failing at the same time is very rare. But I still don’t like the exposed trigger tempting me to “put your finger here”. One of those 4 laws things. The trigger hole should not be the point of leverage you use to extract the weapoon from the holster. The length of the holster is also short enough that the thumb safety selector is exposed (driver’s side of the gun) and subject to being manipulated unintentionally during holstering and extracting (possibly even by movement of the clothing).

I occasionally carry a 1911 (when I am compensating for something). When I do, I use a Kydex holder that covers the entire length of the gun from nose to hammer. It protects the trigger hole and the thumb safety. It also protects my skin and clothing from the sharp edges of the gun (adjustable rear sights).

Finally, Kydex doesn’t produce the same holster shine on the gun that leather does. Nor does it allow moisture to remain in contact with the steel.

There is no doubt that a quality piece of tooled leather is a work of art as well as being functional every-day fashion wear. Yet they are no match for modern materials in hard cold practicallity.

I’m sure you each have your own preferences.


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3 Responses to Holster design

  1. heresolong says:

    I’m with you on holsters covering most of the gun. I also have friends who carry 1911s in Yaqui Slide Holsters, which are basically a single loop of leather attached to the belt, into which the gun is inserted. None of them have ever had any problems. I prefer a bit more protection for my firearm to keep it from banging against stuff.


  2. heresolong says:

    Oh, but i sort of like the holster shine. It gives the gun some character.


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