Short Notes

1. I am still wondering why I should care which Russian faction rules the Ukraine. Republicans tell me we aren’t nuking Moscow because Obama is weak on foreign policy. Dems are saying he is “strategically waiting” (dithering). neither one comes close to saying outright that we don’t have a dog in that fight. It’s not like we are green lighting Putin. It’s more like he doesn’t need our permission because he is an adult. It’s not simply a matter of Russia being so big and strong and we are so weak and puny that we couldn’t do anything. It’s not a matter of us being a divided nation politically that doesn’t have the willpower to do anything. We have no moral authority to do anything. It is really none of our business. We shouldn’t even be sending blankets and toothbrushes (unless private charities wish to do that).

2. I agree that ISIS is bad, in a seriously evil sort of way. Why is that our problem? If we only had effective border control and stopped letting them (all Moslems) come here, it wouldn’t matter to us what ISIS was doing. If the combined Islamic countries in that area don’t care enough about them to do something, why should we care? Please. Someone tell me. It doesn’t matter that Obama is weak, dithering, foolish, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood. He is doing the right thing by keeping us out of pointless wars where we kill a bunch of people who are doing us no harm.

3. I saw this at Vox’s place today. It is disturbing on so many levels. I can’t even talk about it. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention could have seen this coming. People in the Army today should certainly have known better.

4. Brian Williams is a liar. So? The traditional news media has been lying to the American public for decades. Professional journalists learn this in journalism school when they are tasked to write a story every week for a grade. So they just start making shit up. It they make up really good shit (instead of waiting to accidentally be there when good shit happens nearby, they get good grades. Why is anyone surprised? It is exactly the same with politicians. Any time they try to put a human face on their policy, the chances are very high that the story is faked to complete the narrative that they need to tell. Remember Al Gore’s daughter speaking at the Democratic national convention before his nomination? he had a reputation for being a stiff robot, so the committee trotted his daughter to tell a story about how he saved the family guinea pig with mouth to snout resuscitation. TOTAL HS creative writing style fake.


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