Kayla Mueller Final Notes

Ms Mueller’s family is confirming that they have received word from ISIS that their daughter is dead.  It really doesn’t matter how, when or why.   The loss is the same. The responsibility is the same.

But there are a few other things I notice in the story:

She dedicated the whole of her young life to helping those in need of freedom, justice, and peace.

That’s not a humanitarian aid worker.  That is a political activist.  If that was indeed what she was doing, she was a fair target for a group that tolerates no opposing political views.  I can’t tell from the story what is true and what is typical euphemism and sloppy reporting.   Humanitarian aid workers bring food, medicine, clean water, and shelter to the ignorant savages.

President Barack Obama expressed his “deepest condolences” to Mueller’s relatives.

“No matter how long it takes, the United States will find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible for Kayla’s captivity and death,” he said in a statement calling ISIS a “hateful and abhorrent terrorist group.”

I am so sick of hearing these meaningless empty promises about bringing people to justice when there is no possibility of that ever happening.  They don’t even know who killed her.  The only witnesses with access to the site claim it was a Jordanian air strike.  Is Obama suggesting he will declare war on Jordan?  Of send the FBI to arrest King Abdullah and bring him to NYC to face charges?  Personally, I think any Jury in NYC would give the King a medal.  And just WHO would be brought to justice if we go full steam after ISIS?  The shadowy ISIS leadership?  Or the guard in charge of watching Ms Mueller?

Does Obama even hear the words that are coming out of his mouth?

Secretary of State John Kerry said Mueller “represented everything good about the human spirit,” and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said “the world is united in condemning” ISIS’ “murder and imprisonment of innocents.”

Again with the empty platitudes. DUDE! Words actually have an established meaning. The World is absolutely NOT united against ISIS. Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen just to name a few are just fine with it.

Over half the countries of the known world couldn’t care less about the death of one American woman.

… he said in a statement. “Her compassionate spirit will never be forgotten.”

Total meaningless and provably false. A week from now only her family and close friends will even remember her name. And if ISIS wants you to forget it, they have an unlimited opportunity to erase it by committing a new atrocity. Our ADHD nation will forget her just because a Rapper stormed the stage at the grammies and told everyone how Byonce really deserved it more, or how a news reporter was discovered to have fabricated a story, once or twice.

The real lesson here is the one that no one will say out loud. If you have a loved one helping out in an Islamic country in any capacity, civil, humanitarian, political, commercial or otherwise… tell them to come home.


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