Rats. We Haz ’em

Here at the Pentagon. We are infested. From what I can tell, we always have been. We expected that the reconstruction would eliminate most of them since it would clean out the hidden nests and runways buried in the walls and floors. But it didn’t work.


Because there are about 25,000 people working here. those people eat food constantly and throw stuff into trash cans. They bring food from home and buy it freshly prepared here. Many of those people eat at their desks instead of eating in one of the 8-10 food courts here (depends on how you define “food court”). So, they eat their subway sandwich and drop half the bread into the trash can on a friday afternoon, after the Guatemalan cleaning lady has already gone through and she won’t be back until Monday afternoon. or some well meaning person will bring a half devoured sheet cake back from a promotion party so everyone in the office can have a piece. And it will sit on the conference room table until Monday or even Tuesday.

The rats have all the good food locations mapped out, but that pretty much means every single office and hallway. Every place where there are humans.

Some people say rats are filthy creatures. But they are just cleaning up after us. People who would never tolerate vermin in their own homes do precisely the things that attract them in their offices.

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