Click Bait: interracial dating edition

Creating click bait seems really popular with on line magazines lately. Click bait will give a salacious leading headline with something like “25 things you can’t live without!” Then you will have to click through the article one item at a time, to see each of the 25 things. Even though a modern web page can easily handle all 25 things on the same page for easy down-loading and viewing. The only reason to do this is to get more clicks and this more ads posting, which is how they get revenues.

Today is a clickbait that links to an article that was first posted in 2012. So, it is recycled click bait, just in case you forgot you read it back in 2012. In fact, there is no reason for anyone to draw a paycheck creating new internet content since everything has already been written about from every angle and stored. Just retrieve it and publish it again.

Reasons Why Black Women Don’t Date White Men

5 reasons. 6 clicks to see them all.

But you don’t have to. I listed them all right here:

1. Body Image
2. Hair
3. Background/Education
4. They are never approached by white men
5. Just not attracted to white men

But we can sumarize this all to just #4. White guys don’t want to date black girls, and that’s why black girls don’t date white guys. They have no choice.

Now for the details:
#1. Body Image.  Black girls are fat.  White guys don’t like that.  But the article paints it like black girls just feel that white guys have unrealistic expectations so the black girls are not accepting date from White guys.  But really, white guys aren’t asking, because we don’t like fat chicks.

2. Hair.  Again.  black girls are self consious that their hair isn’t as nice to touch, smell, or look at as white girl hair.  They are right.  But it’s not an issue since White guys aren’t asking them.  If the white guys did ask them, hair would not be an issue for why the women were refusing the white guy.

3.  Background/education.  White guys are successfull and seek women who are like them.  So successful black women can’t compete with that.  Huh?  Again… White guys don’t ask her.

4.  White guys don’t ask.  Pretty clear on this one.

5.  Not feeling it.  But research from OK Cupid calls this answer BS.  Most black women would date a white guy and prefer it, IF THEY WERE ASKED.

I clicked… so you don’t have to, unless you just want to troll the comments that are already several years old.

My favorite comment:

Biracial babies are the prettiest babies!

That is some of the stupidest crap and I hear it all the time. And it just isn’t true. The truth is that biracial BLACK babies are cuter than full BLACK babies, especially to their Black grandparents. Their white grandparents have exactly the opposite reaction.


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