Why InflationGate is important

Many Americans are wondering what is the big deal about over or underinflated footballs and the effect they had on the “integrity of the game”.

The answer is important and says a lot about us as a nation and what we have become.

It is the only thing we are still allowed to talk about publicly. Talking about anything of real worth or consequence is simply too politically polarized. The only thing that doesn’t offend anyone is sports trivia and other celebrity shenanigans.

We cannot talk about our president. Our Congress. Our Religions. Our relationships. Prices. War. Peace. All those crazy people living in other countries. And, Thanks to the global warming racket, we can’t even talk about the weather any more.

The only thing that is still safe is trivia.

The ability of the left to stifle intelligent dissent is completely successful. Any dissent is racist, homophobic, sexist, selfish, or skin headed. as a society, as we move further down this path, we not only lose public discourse, but the ability to even have public discourse. When you can’t have these dialogs in the public square, you lose your knowledge of the words to even form complex ideas. Just as in the novel 1984. The language become simplified and optimized and eventually your brain cannot even think dissent because those words don’t exist to you.


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One Response to Why InflationGate is important

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, we’re all on that bandwagon… PCism IS killing us!


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