Lying Thieves: Firewood

I got my first big delivery of firewood today.  A full cord of seasoned oak.  Measured out to 69 ft3.


Isn’t a cord 126 ft3? 

“Yes sir, very sorry about the mix up, sir.  We’ll make it right, right away, sir”.

Yep.  Just a mixup because half a cord looks just like a full cord to people who sell it by the cord all the time.

[EDIT: They came back out and dumped some more wood. Brought the measured total up to about 110 Ft3. Close enough to call it a round-off error and not worth calling them back again. But now that I have this buffer, i can afford to shop around better for my next cord. I can even affort to buy green wood and let it season this summer.]


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9 Responses to Lying Thieves: Firewood

  1. doomdigit says:

    My boss pulled this shit all the time until he went out of business for the fourth (and final?) time. There are different kinds of cords–full and face, and the Amish Mafia often sell wood by the bundle, which is more than a full cord (usually). You’ll obviously have to watch these dickheads. They’ll probably try to sell you some punky wood too.

    Those with pellet stoves have to watch what pellets they use too…


  2. doomdigit says:

    You can always carve a bunch of Paradox of Power sculptures. A red hand would be fitting, just make sure the egg is not upside down, unless you are trying to prove a point.


  3. patrick kelly says:

    Maybe the place is run by a bunch of musicians selling half diminished chords…..


  4. How much for a cord there?


    • No One says:

      The price varies widely from as cheap as $160 to as much as $395. I paid top dollar at the “reliable” company that includes delivery and stacking because I didn’t want to have to haggle with them about ripping me off. I figured the gouge was already factored into the price. I just wanted the wood. As it is, it is beautifully seasoned Oak. If it weren’t cut into 16″ long pieces, I would be tempted to make furniture with it.

      Here in Virginia, firewood is free. You pay for the cutting, hauling and stacking.


  5. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, gotta watch them ALL! I’ve cut and delivered wood before, and it’s worth every penny if it’s good wood!


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