STATE of the Union

I wont watch it, again.  I bet it contains the words,”… we have done so much but there is more we can do”.

Because it’s never enough.  We can’t ever have a government that is good enough.  There is always something “more”.

More predictions:
1. He will not acknowledge that the last election was the American people telling him and his party to STOP IT.

2. He will spin the last election results as the American people telling Congress to stop stonewalling and start working together… by doing whatever he wants.

3. He will propose free community college for poor people, without recognizing that America already has more overeducated people than we can use. Nor will he recognize that free government money in education only serves to raise the price of education that colleges charge. Basic economics was never a Democratic party strong point.



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One Response to STATE of the Union

  1. Old NFO says:

    I gotta watch, I’ve got 32 I’s and 20 me’s in the office pool!


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