Charlie Hebdo Sucks!

It is a crass, overpriced parody rag that specializes in criticising Christianity. They should be out of business because they suck. They aren’t funny. Their advertizing revenues can’t support them. Their cartoons are poorly drawn.

Here is their cover for their great global return issue after teh attack.

That is supposed to be Mohamed (the Prophet, not one of the 35% of all other Moslem males with that name). How would we know that? There is nothing unique, specific, or characaturish that distinguished this as Mohamed and not some other rag-head. This is just one example of bad production quality.

…And at a time when they are getting global recognition, NO ONE CAN BE TROUBLED TO PROVIDE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS FOR THEIR CARTOONS? Just how bad ARE they?

If they were not victims of this attack, very few Americans would even know who they are.

Their victim status doesn’t make them my friend or my ally. Last I checked, they still were not on my side either.


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One Response to Charlie Hebdo Sucks!

  1. JN says:

    Never seen a turban with two equal sized humps. That with his longer than wide face…


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