Cancer treatment: good news bad news

In the popular media, we often hear about the search for the cure for cancer. The fact is that there isn’t just one type of cancer. There are lots. Many of them can already be treated if caught early enough. So…SUCCESS!!

Now the bad news: If you live in a socialist country like the UK or THE USA, even if a cure exists, they may decide to withhold it from you to save a few dollars.

You see. The problem was never about treating sick people. It was about putting government neo-aristocrats in control of everything.

And kiss goodby medical research to find treatments for rare forms of cancer. If the government bean counters decide it isn’t the “best clinical benefit” to get the most out of “every pound”, then that research will stop and those treatments will never be produced. Those patients will be sacrificed for the greater good.

Neo-Aristocrats need to read their history more carefully and ask themselves what happened to the ancien regimes of aristocrats when the serfs decide for themselves what the greater good is.


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