Intentionally Vague Misleading Title

My favorite McDonald’s restaurant has changed. They are no longer my favorite and now have become just the one I go to when the others are too far away. This McD’s used to serve their breakfast burritos all day. Just ask them. But then they started serving them cold (like right out of the freezer cold) so now I just don’t care. And the sweat tea used to be consistently good. But now it is a 40% chance it will be unpalatable. They changed the delivery system from freshly mixed urn to a pump and tap system. The new system allows the mix to stay in the lines for God-knows how long between cleanings, resulting in that “off” taste. And the ability to get an order right dropped from 99% to about 50%.

The change occurred simultaneously with another change. They went from all white employees to all black almost overnight. The first few black employees were unnoticed. But somewhere around the 20% mark, all the pretty young white girls stopped coming to work. Then the old white women stopped. The hispanic workers never got a foot in the door there like at other Mcdonald’s. The last time I was there, it was early in the morning and all of the counter help looked like they were still asleep or half-baked. Their eyes were all half closed and they were moving slowly, making one item at a time. But at least they were out of bed and at work that early, so they have my limited admiration.

But the worst thing I noticed is that last year every McDonalds started an active campaign that was so noticeable it had to be centrally directed. As a customer enters the store, someone notices and greets them right away, even if they will have to wait to be served. But now, there can be four or five employees behind the counter and they will all have their backs to the customers. They now totally ignore that customers are standing behind them and seem to think of them as a nuisance. instead they are engrossed looking at their orders board, staring at the fry bin, and telling the people in the back that they still need the thing that is on the board for them all to read without being reminded.

They are also impervious to corrections or suggestions. Management no longer cares about improving quality, efficiency, productivity, or store safety. I don’t bother to complain about the undrinkable tea any more. I just dump it and refill with a fountain drink.

Draw your own conclusions.


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3 Responses to Intentionally Vague Misleading Title

  1. JN says:

    Similar story with my closest MikkyD’s. Except it was Hispanic manager and all Hispanic staff that changed to black manager and 50% black staff. Unlike your experience the service improved dramatically. The manager gets my kudos. The manager at yours is probably mostly to blame for the poor service.


    • No One says:

      Glad you have a positive experience. Everyone deserves to have a good quality McD’s experience near their home that is consistent with everywhere else in the country.

      I have noticed that mcd’s generally have racially segregated staff. In this area, I know one is guatamalan, one is mexican, One is Kenyan and now one is “Urban Youth”.


  2. Og says:

    Mcds has been shaken down by sharpton et al.


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