New Generation of Community Activists Grows

The black lives matter campaign is demonstrating not that black lives matter, but that a new generation of activists is beefing us their resumes so that they can join the race grievance gravy train. There is money in political activism and these people want a share of it. It’s not like their worthless degrees from liberal arts and historically black colleges are going to help them get real jobs. But it’s not about their message. It is about showing off their activism skills so that larger, better funded activist organisations will hire them.

I found it noteworthy, that the anti-brunch protests would disrupt the meals of total strangers in one restaurant and then go to another to eat. Presumably, there weren’t any dickheads at their restaurants interupting their meals with political activism. If I were a restaraunt owner, I would create a website with these people’s names and faces and give them a lifetime ban from eating at any restaurant. Screw with my customers? Make your own food.


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2 Responses to New Generation of Community Activists Grows

  1. Slick Willy says:

    …make your own food… LOL

    They pull that crap in Texas (outside the Peepul’s Republik of Austin) and they might get the fight they are looking for. Many of us are legally armed… and many more not so legally. But htat is why they pick on Atlanta and East Coast cities, I guess.


    • No One says:

      Thanks again for commenting, Slick.
      your optimism is misplaced. I have lived in Texas and other places out West. The people there are more well-behaved, even if armed. I think it is related to having a higher concentration of people who are genetically descended from White Christian Europeans. Guys who travel armed are among the most well-behaved. They know you can’t go around shooting (at) people just for being dickheads. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any politicians in those states. In this case, the disruptions were a nuisance, not a threat. Every sober white male heavy armed Christian sitting down to a meal with his family would have instantly recognized that.


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