Why Gun Control is so important


Image ganked from It Ain’t Holy Water
The left hand (typical of leftists) is along for the ride, making a show of support but in reality offering nothing of value to the process. And the right hand in this case is a limp wristed RHINO (Right hand in name only… A.k.a. the Boehner grip) that utterly collapsed when it was needed the most. The arms remain locked rigidly to the front as if they haven’t noticed that their control program had failed utterly.

Guns of this type with the handle so far below the barrel invariably flip up during recoil. A stiff compensator might help with that, as would a heavier barrel. This is why the AR-15 stock is in line with the barrel instead of being like the “Monte Carlo” stocks like you see on the M-14 and M1. There are very few hand guns (I can’t think of any) that have the meat of the hand directly in line with the barrel to absorb the recoil impact straight on. By design, auto handguns need a place to slide the slide, so your hand has to be lower than that.

Result: A nearly self-fatal implementation of the point-shoot interface.

Gun control is very important. Particularly with large calible revolvers. Sure, it’s fun to watch a weak girl or child get hit in the face with their own gun. It stops being fun when they squeeze off a second round into your head or their own head.

When letting rookies fire your large calible guns, load only one round. Let them get used to firing it.

Let them get experience handling smaller caibler revolvers first (.357 mag or 44). Then a reduced load large bore. Then the real thing. ONE ROUND LOADED AT A TIME.


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4 Responses to Why Gun Control is so important

  1. Og says:

    The Rhino is a centerline handgun. Or very close to it, anyway. Ugly as sin. Chiappa Rhino, imported by… Chiappa? There was also a palm revolver made by Chicago Palm Protector. Otherwise, the handgun is not for the limp of wrist.


  2. Og says:

    Yeah, they shoot nice. They are the firearm equivalent of the pontiac aztec.


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