The “Oath” and dying while waiting for the VA to act.

I was taking a break from the internets for the holidays and am wading back into it this morning.

I saw THIS over at Free North Carolina and it brought my bile up. The implication of the article is that Bradley Michaels died of VA neglect.

My thoughts:
1. The US Army did not CAUSE Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is always fatal. There is no treatment for it. Thus, there is nothing the VA could have done that would have mattered in the slightest bit.

2. If you suspect you have a fatal but treatable disease and wait for the VA to get around to seeing you, when you live in a country that has excellent specialists in every city, you are a moron. If you don’t value your own life high enough to see one of those non-VA doctors, and pay for it yourself, WHY SHOULD I? This is another case of people who want something for nothing. They would rather die of a disease in a free VA clinic than get treatment for it at their own expense.

3. The comments section have some pointless rambling about “the Oath”(tm). I could do a post on that all by itself. But let me give you the Reader’s Digest Version.
Your Oaths were meaningless, futile hot air, no matter how deeply you felt about it or how much other people’s blood was shed for it. The Oath specifically says you will support and defend the Constitution. You didn’t. None of you did. Every general in the military went along with every unconstitutional act and never raised their voice about it, let alone do something like resign in disgust. In our lifetime, that Constitution has completely evaporated as a binding artifact on the national government. All those Oath-makers voted over and over again for politicians who promised them free stuff (unconstitutional free stuff) and they were fine with that. They formed organizations that lobbied congress to get Cost of living allowances increased on time and raised holy hell if the COLA were not high enough. They never marched on Washington to burn the EPA to the ground. They never tarred and feathered every stinking one of the guys and gals who voted in favor of Obamacare. Most of them couldn’t even be troubled to vote because they didn’t think it mattered. In short, while the Constitution has become a useless anachronism, not a single oath maker has lifted a finger to restore it or to stop the damage. The decay started even before the ink was dry and has accelerated every year with the willing collusion of “oath makers” in every generation. So spare me about your “Oath”. It means nothing. It was just something you had to say to get a job you wanted (or were drafted into). It was an empty promise that you fully expected no one would ever force you to keep. The only part of the oath that really mattered is the part enlisted guys take, “… and obey the orders of the officers appointed over me…” because that is the part of the oath that has teeth. Other people would MAKE you do that part.

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