No More Flu Shots

Not for me. I have completely lost confidence in the entire process.

1. The CDC announced over the weekend that the strain of flu that is mor common hitting people this year is not one of the varieties they predicted. But they still recommend you get it, even though they admitted IT WILL GIVE YOU NO PROTECTION. Why on Earth would they tell everyone in the country to accept the minimal risk of death from vaccine complications in exchange for zero benefit? The doctor-spokeperson-babe said that the wrong vaccine produces a benefit because it “teaches the body to recognize flu strains”. WTW? How is it none of my classes on microbiology covered this? Do anti-bodies go to little classrooms in the mitochondria where they watch detailed power point slide shows with mug shots of all the new viruses? I had always thought the creation of anti-bodies was very specific and they were a specific chemical response to the presence of the offending virus. Subcellular structures don’t “learn”. They don’t have memory or processing power.

2. Most people who get the flu will get better on their own, without treatment.

3. I have been getting random flu strain vaccines for 25 of the past 30 years at least. So why don’t I have a complete set of immunities yet? “It’s because the flu virus mutates and produces new strains so you need a new vaccine every year”. But Measels, Mumps, Polio, and smallpox don’t mutate? My single dose of childhood vaccines for those was all I will ever need. Something smells fishy in this whole process.

4. Health professionals are making recommendations on how to protect yourself. The list includes: Coughing/sneezing into your elbow (I am a habitual elbow sneezer, this is a great idea), hand washing (I disagree with this, too much hand washing dries the skin and opens up pathways for germs to penetrate. Better to wash after touching “yucky stuff” and moisturize frequently), and get all your shots.

5. The recommendations that are much more likely to help but ones that government stooges and media stooges will never recommend:
– Stay home. Isolation keeps you away from the germs. Germs don’t spontaneously generate. Basic science.
– Home school. Isolate your kids from other germ breeders. But the public schools are essential for “socialization”. So what if a few of your kids die from exposure to a disease. It’s just your kids. No one important.
– No hand shaking. Silly archaic practice. Just stop it. Wave. Friendly smile. touch on the arm sleeve are all good enough. If you aren’t touching someone elses booger-hooks, you don’t need to wash your hands as often.
– Stop using paper money and coins. Use debit cards for everything. The less you tough what other people touch, the cleaner you stay.

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2 Responses to No More Flu Shots

  1. Og says:

    It helps if you hate most everyone.


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