Current Events

From the news today:

1. Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash

It seems clear to me that every one of these “civil rights” leaders is a self-serving activist whose own words incited this murder. I am sure no court will touch this with a ten foot pole. The survivors should seek penalties in civil court. Every person who can be identifies chanting “what do we want… Dead cops”, should be named in the suit and if they work for an activist organisation, that agency should also be named. It is a simple fact of human nature that when people get rewarded, they do more of the thing that got them the rewards. And they don’t stop doing bad things until they get punished. The civil rights profession in this country has made a awfully good living at being professionally disgruntled and teaching hatred among other people. It is time they started feeling the pain personally.

2. Iran has know-how to build nukes, senior cleric claims

DUH! We invented it in teh 40’s and published how to do it in the internet. Tonga has the “know how to build nukes”. Remember that the US intelligence community has been telling us that Iran is “2 years away” from developing nuclear weapons. They have been saying this every year for the past ten years. Also, US intelligence has always been surprised by every nation that has created Nukes. They always say, “they are about 2 years away” when the Soviets, Chinese, Pakis, Indians, South Africans, and French each tested their first bombs. Today, on planet Earth, No one is “two years away” from getting a nuke. They can buy one from North Korea, China, or Pakistan and have it shipped in about 8 hours.

3. The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

Yep. A total work of fiction, being passed off as genuine science. There canot possibly be any support for this position other than pure speculation since no type of life of any sort has ever been found anywhere but here.

She joins a handful of astronomers, including Seth Shostak, director of NASA’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, program…

WTW?? SETI is still active? I thought that boondoggle got shut down decades ago. Interesting. Make shit up… get published in peer-reviewed science papers. SETI uses a lot of science, but it isn’t science. It is all make believe, using daddy’s credit cart to buy your hobby supplies. Any attempt at REAL science (using the scientific method) would conclude that the dominant form of life SO FAR is Humanity. If you want to quibble about what “dominant” means, you can argue for Earth based insects or microbes. But as far as we know, the rest of the universe is a sterile lifeless place. REAL science observes reality and updates the hypothesis to conform.


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4 Responses to Current Events

  1. Og says:

    1: Oorah.
    2: yeah, indeed.
    3: superintelligent robots. roflmao. These morons wouldn’t know a robot if it bit them in the hiney.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Good ones all… And ROTF at #3… Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


  3. Og says:

    Indeed! Hope it was grand and the woodstove kept you nice and warm.


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