What We Can Learn From latest Pakistan Attacks

The news today is full of stories about Pakistani Taliban attacking a military school and killing over a hundred kids.

1. This was a terrorist attack. The attackers were members of a larger organization (the Taliban) and were using a terrorist tactic (deliberately attacking children) to send a message that supported the parent organisation (Stop attacking us or we will kill your kids).

2. Meanwhile, the attack in Australia, WAS NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK. He was not a member or a larger organisation (wanting to be and actually being is not the same), Killing random people is not a terrorist tactic by itself (how the victims felt abouot it is irrelevant), and his attack did not further the goals of his parent org (seriously, killing random people at a starbucks helps no one).

3. We should not really care about the label “terrorist” and who gets to wear it. The common factor in both of these cases is “Islam”, and no one can escape it.

4. Dominant tactic:

Taliban terrorists that disguised themselves as soldiers and murdered over 130 people

Disguising yourself as security police. Western culture has no defense against this. We have been taught that all our enemies wear rags on their heads, have ratty beards, smell like camel vomit on a hot day and wear dresses. Our security forces believe that their enemies are potentially everyone not wearing a uniform. The terrorists get inside this by wearing a uniform. Thus their vicims obey their presumed authority and patiently wait to be butchered and other security forces wave them into the security area without challenge.

This tactic is not new. The Taliban have been using it against us ever since they fell from power 13 years ago. Additionally, American movies have been predicting this tactic for a long time (Die Hard 2 (1990), Executive Decision (1996), Just to name a few).

This is a huge vulnerability in American and Western security and proof that terrorist organizations simply are not even trying to attack us. The insider can always get inside. In a police state, THE POLICE HAVE GUNS AND AUTHORITY. Even the Roman emporer was not safe from the Praetorian guard.

This vulnerability is highlighted in countries where rule of law and respect for authority are an accepted custom (Europe, USA, and Japan). In other countries, there is less difference between police and organized crime. If anything, the Black communities in America, along with the wild fringe of off-the-grid people, may be the only ones imune to this since they automatically have a distruct of the police and are immune to charges of racism for noticing Moslems are “not like them”.

But if the bad guys use this tactic here… we are all screwed.

Our best defense is to go on offense and expel Moslems from our country now, before they become a problem here. At a very minimum, prevent any more from coming here and immediately expell the illegal ones found here. HINT: they aren’t Mexican and any Mexican (mexicans also being immune from charges of racism) can tell you, “they ain’t with us, gringo”.


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4 Responses to What We Can Learn From latest Pakistan Attacks

  1. Og says:

    The brits dealt with the thuggees in the appropriae way: extermination.


  2. At a very minimum, prevent any more from coming here and immediately expell the illegal ones found here.

    Using logic again……….


  3. Og says:

    It was a hundred years or so ago.


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