Torture Report

1. I don’t care. Not in the least bit.
2. This is just the last ditch attempt by the Democratically controlled Senate to BLAME BUSH before they lose their power. Everything they do is politically motivated and normally self-serving. Nothing in this report can be believed, not even the date on the cover.
3. Meanwhile… Congress still has not passed a budget or spending authorization or confirmed the new SECDEF or AG (not that we need either of those).
4. Meanwhile… With the full support of the Democrats in congress, some Americans are burning the cities they live in and having “mostly peaceful” protests that are disrupting the lives of tens of thousands of people. Those people being disrupted have a right to their government performing simple tasks like, “Keep the hippies off the streets so real people can go to work”.
5. Or, and we totally forgot all about it, but our president usurped congressional authority and declared amnesty for another 5 million illegal alien invaders.
6. And all those guys we released from GITMO? back in the fight.
7. I don’t know if torture is effective or not. But I am certain that a Senate report is NOT going to answer that for me. I personally can think of tactics that will have a high chance of success. but when 2/3 of your enemies are called by some variation of “Mohammed”, does it really matter if their friends rat them out?
8. I don’t care about the civil rights of foreigners who were captured in combat against us. According to the Geneva convention, they are unlawful combatants and may be hunted for sport. They have no rights at all. None. So, I don’t care if you use them for medical research or compost. They are beneath my caring about. The ones I do care about are the ones who are alive and in a position to harm me and people I love. And I care about them in a very UnChristian way.

And while we are at it… Why are we preventing young American residents from traveling to Syria to go Jihadying? Let them go. Then shut the door after they leave.


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2 Responses to Torture Report

  1. 🙂 ! Agreed.


  2. Heresolong says:

    All the Republicans walked out on the process because it started with “the CIA is guilty of torture, now we just have to prove it”. This is not a step forward, this is not a welcome light being shed on abuses, this is a get GWB report with no recommendations as to how our intelligence agencies should get information in the future if they can’t keep someone awake or cold for a long time because it might be construed as torture down the road. This stems back to the “if only we were nicer to them they wouldn’t want to kill us” BS being spread by the left. People, they want to kill us because we don’t believe in the correct religion. Not only that, even if we convert they will want to kill us. Want an example? Just ask Peter Kassig. Oh wait, you can’t. He converted and died anyway.


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