Failure to Breathe: Lessons from NYC

From the story last week of the failure to indict police in the death of Eric Garner.

1. No matter what holds or takedowns you use to subdue someone, humans are fragile creatures with unknowable weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Thus, a certified “safe to use” hold, takedown, tactic, baton, stun device, or chemical, even if properly used, can still cause death. Thus, they should only be used when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Arguments about the choke hold being used are irrelevant.

3. If you can say, “I can’t breathe”, you obviously CAN breathe. Police are likely used to suspects shouting and crying and carrying on about police brutality, excessive force and pain being suffered. Thus, they are trained by all their other criminals to ignore those acts. The way to get police off your back so that they won’t accidentally kill you using a non-lethal technique is to go limp. No resistance allows the police to quickly finish subduing you and puts them in a more responsive mood when you talk about difficulty breathing.

4. If you pass a law against selling cigarettes, there is an implied threat of force that goes with it, that you will enforce the law and that those enforcements might result in DEATH. So, the law needs to be worth it.

5. Accusations of negligence are misplaced. Even if the police had an ambulance on standby, the result would have likely been the same. It is a false narrative that a five minute delay in getting help would make the difference. What would make a difference is having a hospital closer, with an emergency room that takes uninsured people, the kind there used to be more of in ghettos before the federal government mandated they all had to take care of poor people for free, thus forcing them to close their doors. The alternatives are farther away and thus, more people die in the ambulance on the way. And this isn’t negligence, it is deliberate. But no one holds law makers accountable. And the ghettos will certainly not hold Obama accountable for all the people who die waiting in line for surgeries, or who cannot find a doctor who will take them because their government rates are too low and there are fewer doctors to go around, all because of Obama-care.


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