Overheard on the Radio

A private security guard who was guarding Talk Radio Icon Sean Hannity yesterday, was nearly mugged after he safely walked Hannity to his car and was heading to his own car.  He described his ordeal on Fox and Friends this morning.

Three young black men standing around the street, wearing hoodies and doing nothing.  One approached him and said, “what are you doing here”?  The guy’s years of training kicked in at that point and he reached for his concealed firearm and responded, “back off or I’ll put a cap in your ass”.  The situation resolved itself without further confrontation.

On the program this morning, the guard offered advice to everyone on what they should do to protect themselves:  Be aware of their surroundings.

1.  Being aware of his surroundings is exactly what this person did not do, and his situation resolved itself without injury to him.  Of course, being aware of your surroundings is always good policy even if you are just operating vehicles or equipment safely.  But since you are already in NYC, you have already chosen to disregard any benefit “avoidance” might have given you.

2.  He did not recommend or even obliquely mention that anyone should get a concealed firearm (legally of course), even though that was the singular element that saved him.

3.  He recommended looking the bad guy in the eye.  What a moron.  The three young black men were not scared of this guy, on a dark night, looking them in the eye.  They were scared of him being armed and more dangerous than they were.

4.  The guard was in NYC, a place where it is notoriously difficult for private individuals to get a firearm.  And that is why places like the Fox studios must hire armed security guards to walk their big tickets safely out of the buildings.  The regular employees?  You are on your own.

5.  Because the armed guy resolved the situation the way he did, and did not result in an arrest of the three black men, they will certainly be back on the street looking for other victims.  The guard did what was best for himself, not what was best for society.  Hopefully he called the police right away and filed a report including a “non-racist” description of three young men so the police could pretend to do something about it, but the short radio segment did not mention it.  In the post Trayvon era, I can understand his reluctance to to society any favors.

Group of young men in gang colors shaking down stranger, moments before violence breaks out.




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