Auto repair

Fixing the car… not things that fix themselves. 

I am at the stealership getting my state mandated inspection renewed.  I drove the car in here in good working order but I know im not leaving for just the inspection fee.

It’s like a reverse slot machine.  I pull the handle to find out how much they want me to pay.

And because the state enforces it, they feel free to gouge whatever they like. 

Update: I win. Only a license plate light. I have two but having one burned out is a failure. Cost to change: $16. I tried to shame the service written for telling me with a straight face the price and that I needed it. But working here as long as he has, his shame response has been seared out of him.

I think they are just punishing me for not having something more expensive like brakes to replace.


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3 Responses to Auto repair

  1. Og says:

    You’re supposed to be ecstatic that you were only charged for the light.


  2. JN says:

    I always have a couple extra bulbs in a plastic bag in my trunk.


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