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America has windows in stores because mostly we are a civilized society.  Most of us do not need to be constantly watched or followed home by police.  if you want to see the alternative, visit a third world country.

Mexico City:  Exteriors are boarded up.

Africa:  Customers, Stay out.  We will transact goods and services through this steel gate.

The Islamic World:  Roll-down steel shutters to protect the goods from thieves.

In the USA and most of Europe, we have windows on our stores.  A huge expense for the store owners and a liability if you cannot trust the people who live near you to not break them.  Even if the people break the wndows just for kicks instead of to enter and steal.

We have windows in this country because most of us are honest and don’t want to steal other people’s stuff.  We don’t want to damage other people’s property just because we are bored or angry.

Glass windows exist because store owners are confident in the behavior of their friends and neighbors.  In most of the USA, this is a very small risk.    There is no other way to describe those parts of America where the risk is noticably higher:  uncivilized.

Uncivilized not because they don’t have exactly the same civic institutions, services and utilities.  uncivilized because those places are inhabited by uncivilized people.


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