1. How do looters decide how to divide the spoils?  Some get sneakers, others get a TV set.  Seems like a loot division divide.  It looks very unfair.

2.  The government should collect all the loot at a central location (like washington DC) and divide up the loot fairly, after taking a percentage (cut) for themselves and another cut for all those prople who couldn’t loot because they were too inept, too fat, too lazy, or were busy being a full time employee behind bars.  I suspect if the looters had to pay taxes on their loot at the same rate as the rest of us, they wouldn’t bother.

3.  Do they line up ahead of time at some stores with the good stuff like they do for a good friday sale?

4.  If retailers run out of choice loot before the late-comers get there, should they issue rainchecks?

5.  If looters mistakenly get damaged loot, is it still covered by warantee?  Can they bring it back for a full refund or replacement?



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2 Responses to Looting

  1. Heresolong says:

    Gather all the loot and pile it in the middle of a field, surrounded by all the land mines so that you can kill anyone else who tries to get any loot.


  2. månesteiner says:

    Looters dividing up the spoils? Looters are independent, free-wheeling entrepreneurs. Find goods, take goods. Fairness? Dividing? That’s crazy political mumbo jumbo talk.

    Governments divide up the spoils.

    Looters are thieves as well, but at least they’re honest thieves.


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