Headlines Catching Up, Odds and Ends

1.  Ferguson.  Grand Jury did not find reason to convict.  Millions of Black people all over the country now feel like there is no justice despite no more than a handfull have anything in common with the dead guy other than skin color.  Meanwhile, the chief executive black man used his pen and his phone to overturn congressional action, nullify existing law and decree how things will be done.  Let that sink in.

2.  I fully expected Obama to use his new-found prosecutorial discretion to simply prosecute Wilson anyway, since the Grand Jury cannot be trusted to come to the right conclusion.  And he waited for the “system to work” and it isn’t working.  So let’s just skip all that red-tape and bureaucracy in the courts and just go grab Wilson off the streets and lock him up.  And shoot his dog. If he does not have a dog, the government should provide one to him and then shoot it.  (for the sarcasm impaired, all of the above is snark-laden sarcasm).

3.  Meanwhile….  thousands of other Grand Juries all across the country also handed down decisions to prosecutors.  None of them made the news.  Somehow they were able to accomplish their tasks without any federal oversight, or announcements by the governor, press conferences, or riots in the streets.

4.  Despite dire pronouncements in the media, urban centers all over the country did not burn last night.

5.  Chuck Hagel got fired as SECDEF.   Drudge said he was “purged”.  Not the right word.  SECDEF works for the president.  He was appointed by this president, agreed to work for this president and was expected to implement the policies of this president at the Pentagon.  If this president is tired of him, then he is out.  It’s as simple as that.  The news said it was punishment because the voters were dissatisfied with the response to ISIS.  That’s just pure fresh saugage from tainted meat sources.  All that pepper and curry still can’t hide the stink of decay.  The voters were dissatisfied WITH OBAMA.  The policy about what to do about ISIS is from the State Department (Clinton/Kerry) and from Obama.  SECDEF only implements it.  The real reason Hagel was fired is because he was simply the most expendable member of the cabinet since he was non-Chicago/ Choom Gang.

6.  I heard this morning that Australia also had a problem with Illegal immigration.  They solved it by announcing that there would be no favors granted to illegal immigrants.  They would all be sent back or held in auster camps.  In the past ten months, they have not apprehended a single illegal immigrant.   Compare and contrast.  Rewarding a behavior gets you what?   Punishing a behavior gets you what?



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