Ferguson update

Nothing to see here.

Here’s a suggestion:  Since it is widely expected that S will HTF right after the grand jury makes their announcement, why don’t they somply fail to make any announcement?  Just let it ride.  Make no changes.  No announcement.  No decisions.  The dead guy is still dead.  The police guy is still not in jail.  So, it’s all good.  The riots are thus avoided and all those federal troops can go home.

Then, during a serious snow emergency, announce, “oh yes, we decided that back in November”, and dare people to go outside with their snow shovels and start something.


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4 Responses to Ferguson update

  1. månesteiner says:

    Good idea in the short run, but doesn’t that just postpone the inevitable?

    Fifty years after the civil rights movement and blacks and whites seem to have ever more polarizing differences concerning how justice should work in America. At some point that’s going to have to be sorted out.


    • No One says:

      Not trying to fix blacks. Just taking the steam out of this one incident. 24 hour news cycles and paid professional spokepeople to give press briefings are manifesting the problems here. This is a make believe crisis that is going to become a serious crisis. Without the news media drumming this up, the President, race baiters, and other community activists would never heard of this and would never have had the opportunity to add to it.

      The whole thing would have fizzled out already. As a matter of policy, No good ever comes froma professional spokesperson, feeding the news cycle and pumping up their own resumes.


  2. månesteiner says:

    Agreed. The news media, politicians and other activists have been stirring things up for political gain. And that doesn’t help anything at all. But the motivations those people have are coming from somewhere.

    Over the decades, from OJ Simpson to Michael Brown, it seems that blacks and whites look at racial incidents through a different lens. That’s not a make believe problem.

    I don’t think we can take the steam out of that. It just has to be confronted straight up and dealt with.


  3. Old NFO says:

    Agreed, this is a product of the MSM… sigh


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