Two New Naval Commands to Open

Here I read that two US Navy ships collided.  It used to be that it was a firable offense for the captain of a Navy ship who permits his ship to collide or run aground.  Thus, we se here an opportunity for 2 Navy Captains to get a ship.

The file picture I see posted with the article is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer (DDG).  But the ships that collided were the USNS Amerlia [sic] Earhart and USNS Walter S. Diehl.

Earheart  is a dry cargo ship.

Diehl is an oiler.

I could find pictures of both in under 5 minutes.  With an extra 30 seconds I could confirm the correct spelling of “Amelia”.

It seems there was only minor damage done, so this looks more like a “rubbing” than a real collision.  it is the sort of thing that can happen when two ships are running alongside for replenishment missions at sea.  I admit to not knowing enough about naval operations to comment on why two cargo ships are replenishing each other.  There may be a good reason for it.  And another good reason for why they were too close together under those sea conditions.  Shit happens.  But normally, the Navy doesn’t like it when their floating gray things get scratched up in peace-time.



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One Response to Two New Naval Commands to Open

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, I doubt there was any relief of command in this one…


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