Buddy, Can you Spare a Cup of Jet Fuel?

Yes, the US Military is still broke.  We are still operating as if congress shortchanges us every year.  We still have an official policy of not performing military flybys at funerals because of the cost of jet fuel.

Yet today there will be a flyby of 2 A-10’s over Arlington.  This is the second time this week.  Yesterday it was 2 VC-22’s.

It takes SECDEF approval to waive the no-fly rule.  And evidently the SECDEF believes that national security demands funeral fly-bys.

BTW, there are no religions currently practiced in the USA that believes any dead person gains any advantages in teh afterlife based on the quality of his funeral or the amount of government money spent on it.  Only air crew personnel and pilots fet the tremendously expensive fly-bys.  Ground troops only get a couple of horses and guys with rifles.

There are 19 funerals at Arlington today.  The one I suspect that is getting the flyby is an Airforce colonel who was a VietNam vet and retired in 1976.

Reminder:  Almost all of the military funerals in the USA today are people who died of old age, not in combat.  Arlington is NOT full of the nation’s war dead.  It is full of just normal dead people who died at the end of a long and fruitful life, just like other cemetaries.


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2 Responses to Buddy, Can you Spare a Cup of Jet Fuel?

  1. OldNFO says:

    Hours needed for training, and I’m betting they were ‘signed off’ as a training flight… sigh


    • No One says:

      Nope. It doesn’t work that way. Local commanders have NO authority in switching training hours for funeral support. This is a DoD policy. It is wasted hours, fuel, maintenance and autopilot time. Made even worse since very few of the planes used are anywhere near DC.


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