Science Cures Ebola

Oops. Sorry.  Not Ebola.  It was Starfish virus.  And it wasn’t cured, just identified.

To find the culprit virus, an international team of researchers from more than a dozen universities, aquariums, government agencies and other organizations worked together with the help of the National Science Foundation’s coordination network for marine infectious disease.

In other words, lots of people getting paid by your tax dollars were not working on fixing ebola, cancer, AIDS, the Flu, or the common cold.  But they did some awesome work on starfish virus.

Hewson said it may be possible to use antibiotics to help starfish fight off those bacterial infections.

…Huh?  So flooding the oceans with anti-biotics is going to be a good thing?  We must have Exxon supertankers full of concentrated anti-biotics that are cheap and just waiting to be dumped into the ocean.   And it’s not like we might need those anti-biotics to treat all those sick HUMANS all over the world.  Weren’t scientists just telling us that anti-biotics getting into the food supply was a bad thing?  Doesn’t this lead to massive dideases that are resistent to anti-biotics and thus “incurrable”?

But of course, no one is really proposing that.  The simple fact is that science spent all those millions of dollars solving this mystery just so that they can write a paper saying they solved this mystery.  There is no second step to actually USE this information for anything practical.  Another couple million dollars flushed away with nothing to show for it.

The research team also plans to continue investigating environmental factors such as warming water and ocean acidification that may have caused starfish to be more susceptible to the viral infection.

Translation:  Give us more money because… global warming.



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  1. Old NFO says:

    Ye Gods… and little fishes (literally)… Sigh


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