Or DID we?

10425394_10152456227107536_939077167814349675_nFound on Gay Patriot.

It is typical of the arguments that are going around on this issue.  Huge scientific achievement being overshadowed by the shirt a team member was wearing at the interview.

I have nothing new to add to that discussion.  I question whether the scientific achievement was in fact true.

1.  We know that the government lies to us all the time.  It is more likely now that government (ours or EU) is lying than they are telling the truth about any subject.

2.  In this particular case, these scientists launched a rocket ten years ago, then sat on their hands collecting a paycheck.  Then suddenly announce success at a location so far away that it is impossible for anyone to confirm their results.

3.  Then suddenly, the battery dies.  So no pictures.  You will just have to take our word for it that we accomplished our goals.  here are some animations done by artists wo show what it would look like.  And Yes, we used your money to hire the animators.

4.  Imagine what kind of job that is, getting hired to read the telemetry of an object far out in space and writing a daily report “no change” for ten years.

5.  Remember, scientists, particularly government scientists, are the same people who spent billions of dollars of other people’s money to launch satalites to prove global warmming.  And when the satalites failed to prove global warming, we just stopped hearing about them.  Government scientists will say ANYTHING to keep their jobs rather than have to join the private sector where the market for building robotic space vehicles is essentially zero.  In teh private sector, PHD’s with thirty years experience in the space program can be replaced by smarter, more energetic, and more creative college students at a small fraction of the cost.

6.  There is nothing “inspiring” about spending a billion dollars of other people’s money just so you can claim, “look at what we did”.  There is no positive benefit from accomplishing this mission (assuming they did) other than bragging rights and that will fade before the end of this month.

7.  And their stated goal was how this was going to potentially answer so many questions about the origens of life on Earth.  Hey guys, here’s a free clue:  You can study Earth for free.  It is right under your feet.  No travel to foreign comets required. The fact is, that even if this mission were a complete and astonishing success, it never had any purpose that was worth the cost of it.


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2 Responses to Or DID we?

  1. Og says:

    The worst disapointment is their inability to use something they found (whatever it was) to “prove” theres no God.


    • No One says:

      I had a similar thought. I can see the logic wheel turning in their heads when they claim they are looking for “building blocks of life” on the comets, thus proving life on Earth did not originate on Earth.

      Yet totaly missing the point that if life Originated ANYWHERE and then came here, they are no further along in disproving God. There must have been original miraculous creation in some place for life to exist anywhere.


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