Interstellar Review

I saw the movie “Interstellar” a few days ago and here are my thoughts:

1.  Like most movies in this genre (TEOTWAWKI), this movie treats the human race as if it exists on the same moral level as bacteria, with a genetic mind pre-disposed to seek the survival of the species.  Totally ignoring the consequence of the entire human race being extinguished while a handful can survive.

2.  There is a moral dimention to the survival plans of the few at the expense of the many that Hollywood never touches.  While I am all for attempting to repopulate the human race myself with Anne Hathaway, I have zero interest in her doing it herself with some frozen eggs.  Survival of the Human race is an intensely personal thing.  If the self doesn’t survive, then there is no reason for the self to care if anyone survives.  The movie does touch on this but they fail to explain why it is so damned important that a bin of frozen embyos will survive when the rest of the human race will not.  Without the connection of family, tribe, or even the human connection of looking into each others’ eyes there is zero moral imperitive for anyone to care about teh survival of the species.

3.   And that survival always has a cost.  When the rest of the human race is struggling to keep from starving to death, NASA is still getting funded to produce a massive interstellar space program.  The cost of that progam will benefit NO ONE on Earth who is paying that cost and those burdened with paying for it have no choice in it.

4.  This is a similar argument that I see from time to time on the internets about how white people have a moral obligation to breed more of their own kind so that the future isn’t over run with darker skinned people.  I contend that no one has a moral obligation to the future or to the past.  We all live here in the moment and our relationships to others is what binds us to the rest of humanity.  In the absence of those relationships, we are indeed isolated and have no obligations to others, past, present, or future.  And the most non-existent claim anyone can make on us is that we owe it to them to create more children.

5.  Despite the idea that most of the movie makes no sense and that their story timeline is totally incomprehensible, it is entertaining.  It is sort of like Space 2010, but with out the hope of a better future at the end.


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One Response to Interstellar Review

  1. Heresolong says:

    What? There was an opening to repopulate the human race with Anne Hathaway and I didn’t see it in time to apply? I am now so bummed.


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