Keystone Pipeline

Congress is fixing to take a vote on the Keystone pipeline.

My thoughts:

1.  Who died and made Congress King of the planet with full authority to tell private enterprise which things it could build with its own money?  This is in NO way the proper role of Congress.  It is in NO way a conservative principle or a Republican principle in action.  The proper role of Congress would be to change the law that permits the executive branch to hold up this pipeline AND ALL OTHER PIPELINES.  Establish rules, policies, and laws that affect everyone.  That is what Congress is for.  NOT for granting approval to one company for one project.

2.  This is supposed to help Sen Landreiu get re-elected.  How?  If she says, “I got them to pass the Keystone pipeline”, all her opponent has to say is, “after your own party held it up for 9 years” and “I wouldn’t have allowed the executive branch to hold it up in the first place.  I would have used my authority to demand those federal offices rubber stamp the places where rubber stamps go and move it along YEARS AGO, not just when I need to prove I deserve re-election”  and of course, ” And she voted FOR Obamacare which is why thousands of you can no longer afford any health insurance, and I did not vote for it and will work to repeal it”.  BAM.  Game over.

3.  In the end, voting on the pipeline is a moot point.  Even if Obama doesn’t veto it, he can still tell his department of the interior to “study it a little longer”.  And the EPA to get another environmental impact study.  And the BLM to go survey the proposed route for culturally sensitive Indian burial mounds.  And the Justice department to look into the jobs being created in the right mix of skin colors.   Obama is above the law.  This will just be one more way for him to prove it.


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2 Responses to Keystone Pipeline

  1. Old NFO says:

    Excellent points! He’ll delay it until he is out of the office…


  2. Brighid says:

    A lot of truth in your post.


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