Men Rule

Elusive Wapity is posting about traditional roles of traditional men in traditional Catholic families.  I thought this might be a good time to interpose a view i have come to accept from watching zombie movies.

Rule 1:  The perfect form of government is the cooperative.  Each member cooperates with the collective as much or as little as he wants and when he no longer wishes to participate, he can leave the cooperative and go his own way.  All other forms of government are less good, but become neccessary so that the ruling class can have what they want.

Apply that to government in the family.

The Bible was written in a time when cooperative marriage was non-existent.  Most marriages were negotiated between families and the person with the least say in it was the bride.  Itwas not only natural, but on it’s face, the only answer that made any sense at all for the patriarch to lead the patriarchal family in a patriarchal society.

Outside of the Islamic world, our modern society has very little in common with that one.  We have women today who are capable of forming cooperative unions with husbands. Thus, it falls to those women to choose wisely.

The Bible’s teachings on this subject fall under the general category of wisdom not command.  And that wisdom was appropriate for the time and circumstances when it was written.  No longer for today.

The real harm derives from a legal code that treats marriage as the 1950’s traditional marriage and not at a cooperative agreement between two parties.  The cooperative is non-binding.  It continues only as long as both parties are achieving gain from their participation.

The solution is for government to stop recognizing marriage at all.  Not in the tax code.  Not in licensing. Not in regulation or restrictions.   Not in family courts.  Allow people to form cooperative unions in any way they see fit and to suffer the consequences of their choices.



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