New Email Reviews

On the advice of Og, I am trying out GMX as my email replacement for the weak and inept Yahoo. It is working pretty well so far.

1.  It has no English version App for Android, but it works fine with “Blue Mail”, which is an inbox app.

2.  The Web version that I sign into at work gets confused.  It sometimes forgets what time zone i am in and converts everything to the dominant time zone in Germany (home of GMX).  And right now it thinks I want to use the mobile version.

3.  The mobile version won’t stay logged in and make the message alert LED on my phone blink.  But Blue mail does.

4. GMX does that annoying “conversations” format instead of just showing me the emails as they come in, in the order they come in. [Edit: this was a feature of blue mail not gmx. And blue mail has a setting to change it]

5.  The Time zone setting is automatic and there is no way I can find to adjust it.

6.  But it does send and recieve emails and doesn’t constantly nag me about “suspicious activity detected”.


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