Voter Fraud and Short Memories

Jay Carney has a few things to say about Racist Republicans wanting Voter ID.

Carney: Bill, you know that the fraud isn’t substantial and real. You know it doesn’t have a significant impact, because it’s so minimal, on election results and you know what the motivation is behind it. You know it.

Significant Impact:  In July 2009, Al Franken stole a US Senate seat with the help of fraudulently cast votes.  he “won” that election by only 312 votes.  In two counties alone, there are over 350 confirmed cases of convicted felons who cast votes for Franken in that election.

Election fraud resulted in Franken.

Franken resulted in breaking the 60 vote deadlong on closure in the Senate to pass Obamacare.

Franken then went on to preside in the Senate Judiciary committee to confirm both Elena Kagan and Sotomeyor, who would then vote to confirm that forcing American citizens to buys a commercial product they neither wanted nor needed was Constitutional.

Doubling the cost of getting health insurance for every American (the ones who actually pay for their health insurance) seems like a pretty significant impact.

And that is just one I can name off the top of my head.

But an even bigger voter fraud is the entire scam that gets run by the Electoral College every four years.

The Census determines apportionment of representatives based on population.

The Electoral college votes match apportionment (one vote for every senator and congressperson that a state has).

But the Census doesn’t distinguish between citizen and non-citizen.

So, California gets an aditional 10 or so electoral college votes based soley on their population of illegal immigrants.  Those are votes that cancel out the entire state voting of all the lawful voting citizens of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana PUT TOGETHER.

So.  I am all for requiring ID for voting.  But more importantly, we should be requiring the US census to distinguish between citizen and foreigner  and apportion OUR representatives on the basis of OUR population.  Yes, we would still count them all as “real WHOLE people”.  But they would not get congressional representation.  What representation they deserve, they already get IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.


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