Election notes

The election is over.  Now we can focus full time on the election (2016).

1.  This was a blowout.  There is no spin the Democrats can put on this that make it look otherwise.  Though they will try.  Sen Reid (Nevada) states this morning, “the American people have spoken. They want us to work together.”   Huh?  I didn’t hear of a single candidate campaigning on a platform of “working together”. In fact, I would have to go back to George W Bush to find a candidate who won and campaigned on working with the other side.  What the winning Republicans did run on was “the Democrats are out of control and we need to stop them before this whole place burns to the ground”.

2.  40% of voters voted Republican to punish the democrats because they dissapprove of President Obama and want a strong congress to oppose him.  Those voters will be dissappointed.  The congress led by Boener and McConnel has a near zero chance of opposing Obama and are more likely to bend over and try to show how bi-partisam cooperative they can be.  Starting with forcing immigration down our throats.

3.  Obama is being called a Lame Duck now, but that isn’t even close to the truth.  Now the gloves are off.  He has absolute control of the executive branch and is above the law.    He also has a majority of the courts with apointed liberal judges on his side to rubber stamp his decrees, no matter what they are. You can expect him to declare a blanket amnesty for all illegal immigrants currently in the USA and those who are able to get here before Jan 5th 2017.

4.  Normally, you would expect shennannigans from teh outgowing party like they did when Nancy Pelosi decreed that Obamacare had passed the House without a vote, right before she lost the majority there.  But since the House is already solidly Republican, there is nothing a Senate lame duck session can do other than approve some last minute extreemist appointments (like AG, and Surgeon General)  on strict party line votes.  They can’t approve any treaties since that would have needed 2/3 majority.


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One Response to Election notes

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, it’s about to get ugly…


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